Sponsor de Verbier Marathon van Aart!

Ons nieuwe bestuurslid Aart Besuijen gaat op 3 juli 2021 de Verbier Marathon lopen, 43 km rennen voor de kleutercentra!

Aart zelf, in het Engels omdat hij werft bij zijn bedrijf:

On Saturday July 3, I will be running the Verbier Marathon in Switzerland. Over the course of 8-12 hours I will be trail running 43km (26.7 miles) across a mountain range near Verbier in the Swiss Alps. I’ve been climbing Dutch hills in preparation which was a real challenge because the highest hill in my region is only 15 meters! (50 feet). My family are even getting accustomed to the regular, scary, sight of me in Lycra. (see photo below).

The purpose of running this marathon, apart from getting through midlife crisis, is to raise much needed funds for a Dutch Foundation called  “Friends of Brazilian Kindergartens”. This Foundation supports children in the Brazilian Favelas (slums) with education, food, parenting support and health prevention. The Foundation improves the living conditions of children in the Favelas in two major cities of Brazil, São Paulo, and Salvador da Bahia.

The different projects supported by the Foundation are desperately in need of additional funds due to the COVID-19 situation in Brazil. Brazil is the hardest-hit country in the Americas, and among the worst affected in the world. I would be really grateful for your support in helping us raise funds for this worthy charity. Feel free to donate using the following link https://www.geef.nl/en/donate?charity=3552&type=e&referenceCode=Via%20geef.nl  Your donation will make a difference!  Every cent goes to the charity!

Sponsor hem met een gift! En meld je aan als vriend en ontvang iedere december onze jaarbrief!

Bron: https://trailvsb.com/fr/course/verbier-marathon/